Where's The Bliss?

Six Weeks to Become Unstuck & Reconnect to Your Truth, Power, and Purpose in Just 30 Minutes a Day


Less isn’t always more ...
especially when something’s missing!

Are you feeling stuck? Feel like something’s lacking? Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on why.

Maybe it’s a relationship that’s been challenging, or the desire for a career change, perhaps you’ve been falling out of touch with self-care...or all of the above and more! With so many demands placed on the modern woman, it’s easy to lose track of just how much you’re juggling, much less how you’re actually doing with holding it all down.

If you dream of finally stepping into the life you’ve always hoped for, with the clarity and focus to harness your infinite potential...

then it's time to Find Your Bliss with SwellWomen!


Where's The Bliss?

A 6-week online experience for tenacious, driven women to reconnect with their truth, power, and purpose; a journey to become better-equipped towards bold, affirming change. Over the course of 6 weeks you’ll embark on a journey towards newfound freedom and self-understanding, complete with learning the skills and daily practices to discover a brand new sense of empowerment.


Start Living the Life You've Been Dreaming of Today!

We'll help you overcome your fear, transform your outlook, and create a roadmap to break free from stagnation and move towards freedom.

The journey itself will comprise of relatable, stepwise, and interactive lessons to unlock your innermost tenacity and better-align you with a deeper sense of authenticity.
You will be alternatingly supported and challenged, discovering new insights and methods to unlock your fullest potential so you can rock your bliss. 


Ultimately, it's your desire, motivation, and courage that create the building blocks of change.

But as your CEO of Bliss & Coach, I will be there to help you every step of the way. Our 6-week course for the motivated-yet-overscheduled woman is designed to reconnect you to your truth, power, and purpose in just 30 minutes per day.



We’ve all had to take a ‘detour’ this past year, disrupting our everyday lives in countless ways. If you’ve been feeling uncertain around: 

  • Rewriting your life’s next chapter after all the upheaval
  • Staring at a possible career change
  • Rediscover the passion of your partnership
  • Navigate around a toxic relationship
  • Re-prioritize your own health and well-being
  • Finding the balance around new or challenging circumstances

Then it’s time to take action: come rediscover your bliss today!


How Does It Work?

Where’s The Bliss? comprises 6 weekly modules to facilitate your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Each module contains a unique focus and builds upon previous themes, and always within 30 minutes per day. Our proven, results-driven formula will give you the wisdom and the know-how to gain momentum and to start living the authentic, purposeful life you’ve been striving for.

Week one is all about building a foundation for lasting change and growth. The self acceptance of both mind and body are crucial for long-term empowerment, so we begin by focusing on the concept of truth and how we can come to accept our own, personal truths about being stuck.

Week 1 Objectives

  • Connect to your current emotional and mental state
  • Recognize the reasons why you consider yourself 'stuck'
  • Begin to move your body and see how it feels to be home
  • Identify the look and feel of the life you desire

The wonderful thing about bliss is that you don't need to wait to experience it. There are many things that you can do, today, to feel bliss in your mind, body and soul! Nurture yourself with self care, yoga and superfoods to have yourself feeling your best and to power & motivate you through being stuck.

Week 2 Objectives:

  • Learn to bliss-care as a health practice
  • Cultivate daily gratitude with a journal
  • Understand adaptogens & superfoods
  • Discover the benefits of doing yoga

Week 3 sees the beginning of actionable steps to overcome fear and start down the road of unstuckness. We will explore the revolutionary concept of 'flipping the switch' and analyze what's keeping us from our goals, and how we can best overcome them ~ always together!

Week 3 Objectives:

  • Shift your perspective to manifest what you desire
  • Identify fear and its role in your stuckness
  • Lean into fear and flip the switch
  • Learn and apply the theory of manifestation

Don't be surprised when week 4 is where you really start gaining momentum. Find out how to spark and channel new renewed energy and to even flip persistent fears on their head. It's all according to plan, baby! It's time to find the type of unstuckness that comes from deep, inner commitment.

Week 4 Objectives:

  • Practice and trust igniting the spark 
  • Create small attainable shifts in the right direction
  • Create a concise action plan with a vision of the future
  • Identify any fears that continue to arise

This is all about the reality of committing to change. We're checking back in on the concept of accepting where we are, and learning how to use that to our advantage. Continue to cultivate passion and creative energy from within, and you will find yourself soon on the brink of unstuckness.

Week 5 Objectives:

  • Tap into your truth, power, and purpose
  • Visualize the big picture of where you want to be 
  • Identify obstacles that can prevent you from moving forward and becoming unstuck
  • Practice the Power of Manifestation

What happens when you are on the tail end of your journey? Why, anything that you desire! Now, it's all about creating a support system that lets you stay connected but prioritizes your new lifestyle. Here's where lessons begin to last, and become the freedom about which you've always dreamt.

  • Tapping into your support network
  • Finding an accountability partner
  • Resources to continue the journey

Ready to Begin?

It's as Easy as 1,2,3



Basic Bliss is your way of navigating the waters from stuckness to freedom, all set to your own schedule.  6-weeks, 30 minutes a day ~ designed for the busy person who doesn’t need a whole lot of ‘extras’ in order to get the job done. 

Basic Bliss includes:

  • Daily course content to reconnect with your bliss

  • Daily guided or silent meditations related to the learnings
  • Daily journal actions to dive in deep and explore your inner psyches
  • Transformational techniques to apply not only in your program, but to use long after your course has finished
  • A WonderBook that is custom crafted to be your guide and confidant through the rigorous journey of becoming unstuck
  • Worksheets to challenge, inspire, and empower

  • Access to our private Swellness private Facebook community



MAY 31-JULY 9, 2021

The Ultra Bliss package combines the power of our online course with the guidance and wisdom of live group coaching, courtesy of Lulu Agan! If you desire the accountability of an online community of like-minded women combined with the knowledge of our tried and true system for change, then this is the choice for you.

Ultra Bliss includes:

  • All of the Basic Bliss inclusions
  • 7 x 45-minute group coaching calls with Lulu and her innovative approach to growth
  • Access to our exclusive and private Where’s The Bliss? online community



If you are looking for the most inclusive and personalized ways to experience Where’s The Bliss?, look no further.  Platinum Bliss combines our signature 6-week course with individualized, 1:1 coaching with Lulu and will to get you moving towards the life you’ve always wanted in no time. 

Platinum Bliss includes:

  • All of the Basic Bliss inclusions
  • Autonomy to work through the course in your own time and schedule your 1:1 private coaching sessions based on your availability.
  • 7 x 1:1 private 50-minute coaching sessions with Lulu to accelerate your transition and super-charge your growth


What Our Clients Have to Say


Orlando, FL

Being a part of Swellness Coaching's Where's The Bliss? has really helped me in my day to day living. While working within the six week program, I gradually learned to live my life with intention & gratitude. Many aspects of the course were so helpful in achieving this, in particular the help and encouragement in goal setting and meditation practice. So thrilled and grateful to be a part of SwellWomen!


Orange County, CA

I have been battling a chronic illness for over four years now and while the Where's the Bliss? coaching program didn't heal me overnight, it did provide me with the tools I need to manage stress and help curb my insomnia. Additionally, the program helped me to pinpoint my top priorities and formulate a plan for achieving my goals. Lulu hit the nail on the head with this course and I am so grateful to have found it!



For years I have battled with low self esteem where, in my confident moments I've felt I could do and achieve anything, but in my unconfident moments I've felt like a fraud and incapable of anything. Lulu has helped me recognize what I’m doing and taught me techniques to help me flip it into positive action. Combined with guided meditation and group chats, I have felt fully supported and calm throughout.


Maui, HI
As a busy mother of two very active young boys, including a busy career, I needed some time for reflection, space to refine my goals, and much-needed wellness and self-care program. Lulu's excellent coaching not only supported my journey but gave me the tools and direction to do so. With her guidance and support from the Bliss community, I can create a roadmap that is attainable as well as blissful.


 Salt Lake City, UT

This course opened my mind and heart, and created an environment in which I could question my repetitive thought patterns, and move away from thoughts and actions that weren't serving me. As I let go of dysfunctional thoughts and routines, it freed up time, energy and space for all the good stuff! My heart is happy and hopeful because I have new routines, tools, and ways of thinking to keep building on my successes.


London, UK

This course is truly inspiring and a must for anyone who wants to make positive change in their life. I loved the weekly journey through Guidance, Truth, Purpose, Community and Action. The advice and educational content is given with compassion. We faced off fears,  planned realistic goals and sustainable ways to achieve them. I feel empowered, encouraged, and optimistic about living my best life!


Jacksonville, FL

For over ten years, I sacrificed my self-care and felt miserable in certain aspects of my relationships with friends and family. Lulu was the catalyst for changing all of this for me. The two biggest takeaways from Lulu’s program is that there is ZERO anxiety in my life now, and she has given me the tools to realign with my authentic self whenever I feel disconnected or overwhelmed. I highly recommend working with her.


Maui, HI

The guided meditations, guided journaling, suggested exercises, and weekly online calls were just what I needed to get my self-care back on track. Creating new habits from the course helped me find easy ways to make healthier decisions on the daily. I highly, highly recommend the course if you need to kickstart your self-care and bond with a new community of like-minded, awesome women! Aloha!




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