Discover Get Good @ Living 30-Day Challenge


Wondering if our 30-Day Wellness Challenge is for you?  Check out our 19 minute Zoom replay where Michelle Lappin and Lulu Agan provide an overview of the challenge and an inside peak to the online program.  

Now's the time to shake off the last few months and embark on a journey to living and feeling your best! Michelle & Lulu are going to show you how to:

  • Ditch the diet mentality and adopt a healthy living mindset.
  • Eliminate foods that may not be serving you.
  • Fuel your body with real nourishment and hydration.
  • Heal your gut.  
  • Relax. 
  • Learn the formula...
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Lulu's Favorite Protein-Packed Superfood Smoothie Recipe


I have searched high and low for the best vegan protein out there.  And the great news is that I FOUND IT!  

Arbonne's non-GMO vegan protein is packed with 24 vitamins and minerals and all essential amino acids to help support muscles and daily health. It's plant-powdered protein is derived from peas, rice and cranberries for optimum digestibility and satiety. This delicious Protein Powder is clinically tested and certified to have a lower glycemic index, which means it tastes great and won’t cause a spike in blood sugar. Perfect for your journey to healthy...

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Nine High-Leverage Ways to Detox Your Body, Mind, and Home Right Now!

detox healthy living Jul 15, 2020

Here are nine high-leverage ways to refresh your body, mind, and home so you can feel light, clear, and motivated to move forward in your life.

First, let’s talk body. Follow these three steps to detox your body without dieting:

  1. Eliminate processed foods. They hinder your circulatory and excretory systems, leaving you bloated, tired, and heavy.
  2. Sip warm water with lemon throughout the day. This is a natural and highly effective way to gently trigger your body to release excess fluids that lead to bloating and toxicity.
  3. Experiment with an elimination diet to easily test for...
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