Healthy Living Inside & Out

detox health wellness Jul 16, 2020

Are you interested in living healthy inside and out? Interested in having more energy and vitality, feeling more engaged in life, and being happier? I’m here to inspire you to jumpstart this journey with a healthy detox. By making a few small changes in your daily habits and eating more whole foods, healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’m Lulu Agan, Chief Officer of Bliss at SwellWomen and a certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach at Swellness Coaching. I’ve been inspiring women (and men) for over 17 years to take inspired action in their health and...

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Nine High-Leverage Ways to Detox Your Body, Mind, and Home Right Now!

detox healthy living Jul 15, 2020

Here are nine high-leverage ways to refresh your body, mind, and home so you can feel light, clear, and motivated to move forward in your life.

First, let’s talk body. Follow these three steps to detox your body without dieting:

  1. Eliminate processed foods. They hinder your circulatory and excretory systems, leaving you bloated, tired, and heavy.
  2. Sip warm water with lemon throughout the day. This is a natural and highly effective way to gently trigger your body to release excess fluids that lead to bloating and toxicity.
  3. Experiment with an elimination diet to easily test for...
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